We are specialised in a variety of services facilitating buyers of transformer parts, Winding machines, Toroid cores, Iron powder cores, dispensing systems working closely with our principals.

Our highly skilled team are professionally trained to provide you with magnetic solutions that meet and exceed your expectations. Professionals from various engineering departments have been assisting customers in selecting the appropriate designs for their needs. Also, they are fully accustomed to working with you at all stages of design, development and testing of solutions that meet the requirements with cost-effectiveness.

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With our technical expertise, our extensive inventory of permanent magnet materials, we provide you with complete magnetic solutions. Having more than a decade of experience providing innovative products and design solutions globally, we are committed to delivering the highest level of customer service, technical assistance and value to you.

Our delivery and support teams assist you in every part of the procurement, stock holding and supply of your magnetic needs and deliver Worldwide in each and every part of the world, and we are more than a typical distributor of magnetic solutions. Our range of certified branded products allows you to access a wide variety of materials to best suit your needs.

We specialize in the following -

Procurement, Stock-holding and Supply of Iron Powder Cores

Ferrite, Bobbins and Magnetic Cores Supply

Installation, Commissioning and Servicing of Winding Machines

Ready-supply of goods via Forwarder

Providing comprehensive training on usage of Winding Machines

Supply and verification of Powder Cores (for Filters and Inductors)