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Language Fonts


Chinese Fonts: ie_zhc.exe - Simplied
Chinese Language Pack from Microsoft ® - Filesize: 2.5MB



Micrometals Inductor Design Software Oct 2004 (Micro_vOct04.exe) - Filesize : 816KB (Zip Format : 275KB) Micrometals Inductor Software is a flexible user friendly tool designed to assist in the selection of Iron Powder cores. You can know details on part number, approximate unit price, core AL value, required number of turns.

RF Design Software - DOS Version ( - Filesize : 397KB RF-Toroid is a supplement to the Micrometals RF Application catalog. Used for calculating the location of self-resonate frequencies for series and shunt inductors.


Jovil - SMC Software

SMC Coil Program Software - Filesize : 695 KB
Manage, Monitor and Control, Toroidal Winding from your Notebook or Desktop PC - Reduce set up times by 75%. Reduce copper wire waste. Toroidal Winding from your wastage.

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Miles Platts

M Range (EI 30 - EI 96), Metric (EI 84 - EI 240), Metric (UI 60 - UI 300) -
Accessories (mp_product_guide_section_03.pdf) - Filesize : 2.1MB