Adhesive Dispensing & Meter Mix Equipment


We build high quality equipment for the dispensing of single-component fluids and plural-component reactive resins such as epoxies, urethanes, and silicones. We design and manufacture for both standard and custom dispensing products for our customers in the Americas, Europe and Asia. The positive displacement piston metering systems have gained a reputation for rugged dependability and accuracy.

Our dispensing system utilizes positively actuated ball valves on its meter, mix and dispense systems to divert material into and out of the metering cylinders. This ensures a high consistency of flow and accuracy of the ratioed material on the output stroke of the cylinders.

Additionally, the Incrematic design optimizes long term performance by utilizing the full stroke of the large metering cylinders to make a series of shots, thus reducing the amount of linear travel (and wear) associated with a given volume of material.

For those applications that require precise flow rate control, or those which demand higher flow rates than are practical with our piston metering products, we offer our line of Stainless, Servo Driven Gear Pump systems. Long noted for their precision, reliability and simplicity, their unique design offers virtually pulseless flow.

Our Meter, Mix and Dispense Systems and other adhesive dispensers are offered for a variety of processes:

  • Potting / Encapsulation of electrical and electronic components
  • Vacuum Encapsulation of electrical and electronic components
  • Filtration manufacturing and end cap bonding
  • Doming of printed labels
  • XYZ Motion for motion systems to suit your application and can integrate them either with our plural component Meter, Mix and Dispense Systems, or our single component adhesive dispensers
  • Simple adhesive dispensers such as the SM-985 Dispensing Controller or S-900 Series Dispense Valves
Adhesive Dispensing