Coil Winding Machine & CNC Winding Machine


Our Coil Winding Machines are equipped with the latest CNC control with alpha-numeric display which has two or four lines, respectively, which indicate important information for the operating staff such as product number or number of operating steps, present number of turns, sense of rotation, designation of product and instructions for use. Besides the clearly arranged design the CNC unit offers a foil covered keyboard with symbols which guarantees very simple programming.

Coil Winding Machine

Different types of winding such as sectional and trapezoidal winding, layer stop, spreading, taking-off and starting with automatic process are available. The CNC control which can easily be operated facilitates a quick setting up of winding programs. This means that wire dia., number of turns, speed, winding width and all relevant winding parameters are stored under one operating step number. No knowledge of programming is needed and all winding parameters are shown on the display by pressing the symbol keys.

The storing capacity of the Coil Winding Machine is max. 999 operating steps. A winding program already set up can be recalled any time by the respective product number. The winding parameters can be corrected online during the winding process, e. g. tolerances of the wire and the bobbins whereby the original winding program remains unchanged. The CNC control is network- compatible and can be accessed via serial interface, the data stored can be loaded in and out. As an option, a disk drive is available.

The sturdy construction of the Winding Machine guarantees highest precision and long durability. By using high-quality construction elements there are practically no parts subject to wear and tear. The mature techniques raise productivity and flexibility in production. The compact design gives a low space requirement. The FW machines are supplied as a standard with a winding spindle and are in the scope of the technical data suitable for all winding tasks. Four-spindle modules and special equipment are available.