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Bobbins & Coil Formers

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Bobbins & Coil Formers - Laminated & Ferrite Core Transformer Bobbins

UL Approved Moulding Materials - Miles Platts, our principals are a UL recogonised moulder (A1753). Our transformer bobbins support Imperial and Metric laminations as well as Ferrite formats. All of our products are manufactured with UL certified polymers and lead-free terminals or pins. All materials are RoHS/ WEEE compliant. Prime engineering polymers of high quality, anti-flame (UL94HB & UL94V0) and fiber glass for dimensional stability and strength. Our specific engineering and design characteristics could guarantee you security, reliability and quality of products in your applications and usage.

Features of our transformer bobbins / coils (Bobbin/Bobbin Lace) :

  • Prime high quality raw materials
  • Wider walls for maximum resistance
  • Increased mechanical resistance
  • Our Bobbins provide Higher resistance for high temperatures
  • Better electrical isolation
  • RoHS/ WEEE compliant materials and lead-free terminals
  • and last but not the least, Competitive prices and immediate shipment.
  • Bobbins & Coil Formers

    We have a broad range of Bobbins and hardware that compliment our standard product range of ferrite cores which include:

    . Imperial lamination bobbins- USA & UK styles
    . Metric lamination bobbins - DIN EI 30 to EI240
    . Metric lamination bobbins - DIN UI 30 to UI300
    . Encapsulated bobbins and boxes- EI30, EI38, EI42, EI48 & EI54
    . Encapsulated bobbins and boxes- UI30 & UI39
    . EE/EF, EC & ER Ferrite bobbins
    . EP Ferrite bobbins
    . EFD Ferrite bobbins
    . ETD Ferrite bobbins
    . E Core bobbins
    . Squared bobbins

    . U Ferrite Core Coil Formers
    . Toroid Mounts
    . Pot/Cut Cores
    . PQ Ferrite bobbins
    . RM Ferrite bobbins
    . SMD ER, EP
    . Bobbin assemblies and more...

    Our wide variety of Toroid cores case and base holder series bobbins, ET series bobbins, U/EP/ETD/E Core/EC series bobbins, toroid mounts, LAN transformers header & covers series bobbins, ADSL transformers bobbin series, Power inductor base series, ETD/EF/RM/UU/ER series clamps would give you the right choice for applications and usage.

    Our products are made with UL approved moulding materials, and our principal, Miles Platts, is a UL recogonised Moulder (A1753).

    Various types of Ferrite Core Coil Formers & Bobbins -

    EC Ferrite Core Coil Formers EC Ferrite Core Coil Formers ETD Ferrite Core Coil Formers ETD Ferrite Core Coil Formers 
    E/EF Ferrite Core Coil Formers E/EF Ferrite Core Coil Formers Coil Formers Miscellaneous Coil Formers 

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